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David Rocklage

To Teach, To Enrich and To Inspire
Fitness is my life and I am driven to educate and help others. I have played sports and exercised my entire life. Throughout high school I was team captain for both the football and lacrosse teams, but I tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) at the beginning of the lacrosse season in my senior year. With the guidance of medical professionals and training staff, I managed to delay surgery and to successfully play for the entire season. Unfortunately, I tore my other ACL in college and at that point, I decided to embark on a journey in the fitness industry. This opened me up to the world of anatomy and physiology of the human body, and the importance of good training habits to keep athletes healthy.

One of the activities that I do to pursue my goals is powerlifting. Powerlifting competitions give me an opportunity to still compete, but they have also taught me more about programming, mobility and general strength training. With my history of ACL tears and a labrum tear in my shoulder many competitors have doubted my abilities. However, the support I have received and education I have gained has enabled me to participate in the USAPL raw nationals for a second year in a row.

For the past three years, I have been dedicated to educating and driving others to get fit. I became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) after studying Emergency Medical Services at Springfield College and throughout my studies, I spent significant time working in the health services. After graduating, I attended American Academy of Personal Training in Boston, where I learned the foundations of nutrition, physiology, kinesiology, anatomy and biomechanics. I then went on to become an ACE certified personal trainer and began working at Boston Sports Club. I am strongly passionate about helping people. Therefore, going from EMT to personal training has been easy and it remains fulfilling every day.

I now pridefully run my own training business in Jupiter. I am educated in all the above-mentioned areas and I have also received my Florida massage license. I believe that anyone can have a passion for fitness and to achieve the level of conditioning they want regardless of gender, ability or age. I promote my business through my passion to educate and help other people. Most importantly as a trainer I can provide an expert and holistic solution to all my clients, tailoring to each of their individual needs.


"David is a very knowledgeable, professional personal trainer, who I enjoy working with very much. I had not exercised in years, and with each session, thanks to his training, I reach new goals. I would"

Peggy G.

"I like that he has a deep understanding of physiology, functional movement and strength training so I can get the most out of myself and the sessions"

Mike V.

"With David I have lost over 15 pounds and 7% body fat. David is a fantastic guy with great emotional intelligence and will develop a program that fits your goals no matter what they are"

Allana R.

"At our consultation I felt like he really understood what I was trying to do even when I didn’t. He was always friendly and pretty goofy which made each session feel fun versus tiring"

Ali C.