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Personal Trainer Tequesta

Personal Trainer Tequesta - Training - Maximus Fitness - 781-820-2625David Rocklage is a Tequesta personal trainer at Maximus Fitness, teaching and inspiring clients to meet their goals for fitness and athleticism. David has a strong background in athletics, fitness, and the pursuit of related knowledge, such as the study of physiology. He is currently part of a powerlifting team that competes on a national level. David is also an ACE certified personal trainer Tequesta and has training and experience as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). For Tequesta personal training from someone with inspiration, drive, know-how, and a lifetime of personal experience, schedule a visit with David Rocklage. The first visit at Maximus Fitness is always free.

Personal Trainer Tequesta for Strength Training

Strength training, also known as resistance training, is beneficial to people of all ages. Health experts recommend resistance exercises twice a week in a workout that includes all major muscle groups. David is a Tequesta personal trainer who assesses each client, to determine level of ability. He then utilizes specific techniques, depending on the individual’s skill level, to provide injury-free strength training.

Manual Therapy

An added benefit of personal training Tequesta with David is that he is also a Florida licensed Massage Therapist. Muscle soreness is only natural following healthful exercise and weightlifting, but massage therapy will help to keep you moving. The techniques David uses are comparable to any spa treatment.

Athlete Development

David provides athlete development at a second location, which is Cressey Sports Performance. There, as part of the coaching staff, he provides sport-specific training for athletes from high school through professional level during on and off seasons.

One-on-One Personal Training Tequesta

As a one-on-one Tequesta personal trainer, David designs programs specific to the goals and abilities of each client. He begins by helping individuals build a strong foundation and then adjusts the program to maximize the benefits of exercise. One-on-one personal training includes soft tissue work, strength training, mobility, functional training, movement skills and breathing strategies.


David is the ideal trainer for anyone who is already involved in competitive weightlifting or who desires to become a powerlifter. He is currently on a team that competes nationally. With his experience and know-how, you can count on becoming strong in the Big 3: Squat, Bench, Deadlift!

Nutritional Advice

During his lifetime as a strength conditioner and health coach, David has gained a wealth of knowledge about nutrition. Along with personal training Tequesta, he can provide helpful advice on staying physically fit, eating healthy, and maintaining overall health and well-being. For example, he is able to help by providing:

  • Encouragement to eat nutrient-rich vegetables and lean protein.
  • Recipes and demonstrating food prep skills.
  • Tips on the best foods to eat before and after workouts.

David Rocklage, Personal Training Tequesta

Get started on a path to greater fitness and/or athletic competitiveness. Call today at (781) 820-2625, write David at [email protected], or stop by Maximus Fitness at 880 Jupiter Park Drive, Suite 7, in Jupiter, FL, where the first visit is free. David Rocklage is the Tequesta personal trainer to call for fiery inspiration and best results.