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Personal Trainer Palm Beach Gardens

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David Rocklage at Maximus Fitness is a Palm Beach Gardens personal trainer with a passion for fitness and a drive to educate and help others. A lifetime athlete who has consistently maintained a regimen of exercise, David is still involved in powerlifting competitions, though most of his time is dedicated to personal training Palm Beach Gardens. He has continued his pursuit of continuing education, as well, and learned about the human body’s anatomy and physiology, basics of good nutrition, kinesiology, biomechanics, and more. You can count on receiving expert assistance to meet your goals for fitness and improved athleticism when David is your personal trainer Palm Beach Gardens.

Strength Training

Strength training, also known as “resistance training,” is highly recommended for individuals of all ages. There are tremendous health benefits, including:

  • Improved balance, flexibility, and coordination
  • More efficient calorie-burning, which helps with weight loss
  • Improved coping skills for stress
  • Building stronger bones

David is a personal trainer Palm Beach Gardens who starts all clients off at their particular level of ability and helps clients to progress in strength-building while remaining free of injury.

One-on-One Personal Trainer Palm Beach Gardens

At Maximus Fitness, David Rocklage provides the best in Palm Beach Gardens one-on-one personal training. He begins by conducting an initial assessment. The program includes mobility, soft tissue work, breathing strategies, strength training, functional training, and movement skills. With each individual’s training goals in mind, he helps clients first establish a strong foundation and then build on it.

Personal Training Palm Beach Gardens for Powerlifting

David is currently on a powerlifting team involved in competition on a national level, which uniquely qualifies him to provide Palm Beach Gardens personal training specifically for powerlifting. There are challenges involved in competitive weightlifting, and David helps each client progress toward their goals while avoiding injury.


If you are already powerlifting or if you are interested in training to be a powerlifter, David is the right person for the job. He designs individualized programs for competitive weightlifters that all include the three essential components of the competitive sport: Squat, Bench and Deadlift.

Manual Therapy

Although David is a Palm Beach Gardens personal trainer who helps clients avoid injury as they meet their goals, he also knows that muscle aches and pain are virtually unavoidable. Massage therapy is an excellent source of relief and David is a Florida licensed Massage Therapist. He keeps up with continuing education and the latest techniques. In addition to working with clients for training and strength building, he can apply manual therapy skills that help to keep sore bodies moving.

Athlete Development & Personal Training Palm Beach Gardens

At a location separate from Maximus Fitness, as part of the coaching staff at Cressey Sports Performance, David Rocklage provides sport-specific programs of exercise that are beneficial for all athletes. He works with professional athletes, college students and high school students for athletic development that produces desired results.

Nutritional Advice

As part of his pursuit to maximize the benefits of exercise, David has acquired enough knowledge about nutrition to provide helpful advice. Staying physically fit and enjoying a state of overall good health and well-being is only possible with a nutritious diet. Along with the other healthful services David provides, he makes himself available for nutritional advice.

Personal Training Palm Beach Gardens

David Rocklage, personal trainer Palm Beach Gardens, offers training and targeted programs that help individuals reach their fitness competitive goals. Get started on the path to reaching the fitness level you dream of. Call David Rocklage at Maximus Fitness today at (781) 820-2625; or, if you prefer, send an email to [email protected]