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Personal Trainer Juno Beach

Personal Trainer Juno Beach - Maximus Fitness - 781-820-2625David Rocklage is a personal trainer Juno Beach with a passion to teach, enrich, and inspire. He has spent a lifetime devoted to exercise and athleticism, and he has pursued various avenues of knowledge, to increase his understanding about the physiology of the human body. When you schedule a session at Maximus Fitness to train with David, you get the benefit of his experiences as a powerlifter, trained Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), licensed Massage Therapist, and ACE certified trainer.


Whether you are already a powerlifter or you are interested in training like one, David is the ideal trainer for you. As part of a team involved in competiton on a national level, he has a passion for powerlifting. David designs powerlifting programs adapted to the individual. All focus on the Big 3 — Squat, Bench, and Deadlift.

Strength Training

Strength training or resistance training is a beneficial form of exercise for people of all ages. As a Juno Beach personal trainer, David evaluates an individual’s level of ability before devising specific techniques for strength-building. Clients can count on progressing toward goals at an appropriate pace. Benefits of strength training include: Management of chronic conditions, sharpened thinking skills, enhanced quality of life, improved weight management, and reduced risk of osteoporosis.

One-on-One Personal Trainer Juno Beach

David starts out one-on-one sessions as a personal trainer by completing an initial assessment. He then designs a personalized program specific to each client’s abilities and goals. One-on-one training programs include mobility, soft tissue work, breathing strategies, functional training, movement skills, and strength training. A foundation is developed and clients are given increasing challenges, to maximize benefits.

Manual Therapy

Massage therapy is a tremendous benefit David’s clients enjoy. He refreshes his education continuously and learns all new massage techniques that are introduced. Clients involved in resistance training naturally experience muscle soreness, and massage therapy eases aches and pains. David’s techniques help to keep clients moving, pain-free.

Athlete Development

In addition to his work as a personal trainer at Maximus Fitness, David works as a part of the coaching staff at Cressey Sports Performance. At the facility, David is able to utilize the resources and experience of others to create sport-specific programs for athletes of all levels, from high school to college to professional level.

Nutritional Advice

During his lifetime of devotion to exercise and athleticism, David has learned the importance of nutrition. He is always happy to provide advice on eating healthy and maintaining overall well-being. For clients who are interested, David willingly shares recipes and can demonstrate food prep skills. He suggests the best foods to eat before and after workout sessions. He also has a knack for presenting nutritional information in accessible ways.

Best Personal Trainer Juno Beach

To schedule a session with premier personal trainer Juno Beach David Rocklage, call (781) 820-2625 or email him at [email protected] You can also visit Maximus Fitness located at 880 Jupiter Park Drive, Suite 7, in Jupiter FL. The first visit is always free.