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Our programs


Once an initial assessment is completed, David will begin designing a one-on-one training program specific to his clients’ goals and abilities. This program will include:


Soft Tissue Work




Movement Skills


Breathing Strategies


Functional Training


Strength Training

As clients progress and develop a strong foundation, David will adjust the training program to continue challenging the client and to maximize their benefits, while always keeping an eye on their training goals.

Success Stories

"David is a very knowledgeable, professional personal trainer, who I enjoy working with very much. I had not exercised in years, and with each session, thanks to his training, I reach new goals. I would"

Peggy G.

"I like that he has a deep understanding of physiology, functional movement and strength training so I can get the most out of myself and the sessions"

Mike V.

"With David I have lost over 15 pounds and 7% body fat. David is a fantastic guy with great emotional intelligence and will develop a program that fits your goals no matter what they are"

Allana R.

"At our consultation I felt like he really understood what I was trying to do even when I didn’t. He was always friendly and pretty goofy which made each session feel fun versus tiring"

Ali C.